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Embrace the allure of enchantment with our captivating accessories from leg wraps to necklaces.
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With our store, you can search for the perfect LARP outfit for your characters. From LARP Cloaks to Viking Tunics, our store is perfect for any LARP event, Cosplay convention, and Renaissance Faire. 

Our LARP Store is focused on quality, and have been producing LARP costumes since 1994. 

We know LARP - our LARP Clothing and LARP Outfit Sets are designed especially for LARPers, by LARPers. We know how frustrating it can be when kit doesn’t last, or isn’t suitable for certain weather. Our unique line of clothes, from Basic Sets, to Ornate Outfits, are perfect for all weather, and any time of the year. 

Shop our complete LARP Character Outfit Sets for meticulously designed costumes at a discounted price! Or browse our costume sections to mix and match the perfect set for you!

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