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Best Larp Armour - Buying Guide

TLDR: In this guide to the best larp armour, we look at some of the most popular choices for a range of different needs. From the right choices for a Barbarian to a Ren-Faire fan and even a Mage. 


  • Each recommendation is available to buy in our store
  • Larp armour can greatly improve the look of a costume
  • Rigid armour can even provide a bit of real protection too from enthusiastic cosplay.

  • Lets talk about Larping

    To make sure we are on the same page, when it comes to finding the right Larp armour for your needs, there are several things to consider. From character style, game rules, comfort, personal fit and price, it does matter what you opt for.

    A great bit of larp armour may not be so great if you can't move comfortably in it, which is what we are going to consider in our review of our top picks for cosplay armour. Things you can wear that are both sensible (as sensible as Larping is!) and usable in a gameplay environment.

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    What types of Larp Armour is there?

    When it comes to LARP, the type of armour you choose can have a real impact on both your character's look and performance. Here's some of the main types of armour available for LARP fans:

    Leather Armour

    Leather armour is a popular choice in LARP as it's both flexible and gives you a fair bit of protection. Made from tanned animal hides, it is lightweight and allows for greater mobility compared to heavier armours. Leather armour is often favoured by characters who require stealth and agility, such as rangers and rogues. Its versatility also allows for various designs and customisations, making it a visually appealing option for many players.

    Plate Armour

    Plate armour is crafted from large metal plates, providing extensive protection against physical attacks. This type of armour is typically used in medieval and fantasy settings, offering a high level of defence at the cost of mobility and weight. Plate armour is ideal for characters who engage in heavy combat, such as knights and warriors, who need the maximum level of protection on the battlefield.

    Chainmail Armour

    Chainmail consists of interlinked metal rings, providing good protection while allowing for flexibility. It strikes a balance between the heavy protection of plate armour and the mobility of leather armour. Chainmail is often used in historical reenactments and fantasy settings and is perfect for those aiming for historical accuracy or portraying medieval soldiers. The intricate design of chainmail also makes it look pretty nice on the eyes.

    Foam Armour

    Foam armour is made from high-density foam materials and is commonly used in LARP due to its safety and lightweight properties. This type of armour is particularly suited for characters who need to move quickly and perform agile manoeuvres. Foam armour can be crafted to look like metal or leather, providing a versatile option that prioritises safety, especially during intense combat scenarios.

    Cloth/Padded Armour

    Cloth and padded armour offer minimal protection but are comfortable and lightweight. Often serving as a base layer beneath other types of armour, they are made from layers of fabric or quilted materials. This type of armour is best for characters like mages or light infantry who prioritise comfort and mobility over heavy protection. Padded armour can also provide a historical touch to your costume, enhancing the overall authenticity of your character.

    Why Trust Our Larp Armour Recommendations?

    As an award winning Ren-Faire and LARP costume brand, we have years of experience in making great bits of clothing and accessories for fans of Live Action Roleplay, and understand better than most, the key things to think about.

    We pride ourselves on our reputation of quality and that extends to the advice we give too. If you're looking for the best larp armour outfits for you, then we hope these tips and picks will make that hunt a little easier for you.

    What To Consider When Buying Larp Armour

    When selecting armour for LARP, there's several key factors to keep in mind to ensure you make the best choice for your character and the events you take part in.

    Character Role

    The first consideration is the role of your character within the game. The type of armour should complement your character’s role, whether it's a heavily armoured knight, a nimble rogue, or a mystical mage. For example, a warrior needs robust protection for frontline combat, while a mage might require lighter armour that allows for greater mobility and the ability to cast spells freely.

    Aesthetics & Look

    The visual appeal of the armour is crucial in bringing your character to life. The armour should match the overall aesthetic of your character and the game's setting. Customisation options, such as engravings, colour choices, and additional accessories, can enhance the authenticity and uniqueness of your armour, ensuring it stands out in the LARP community.

    Comfort, Fit & Freedom of Movement

    Comfort and fit are essential, especially for long LARP events. The armour should fit well and not restrict your movement, allowing you to participate actively in various activities. Poorly fitting armour can cause discomfort and reduce your enjoyment of the game. Ensure the armour provides the necessary range of motion for your character's activities, whether it's casting spells, engaging in combat, or performing stealthy manoeuvres.

    Best Larp Armour Suggestions

    So, let's discuss what we think are the best options for larp armour in our store, for you to consider. We'll start with something for beginners.

    Best Larp Armour For Beginners

    Picking a good option for beginners, means considering budget, as you don't want to go crazy on your first armour outfit and something with good mobility; after all, you may change your mind as to what character style or games you prefer. 

    Woodland Armour Outfit

    While we list it as an archer's armour outfit, we think at the price point for the quality and the broader 'Middle Ages' aesthetic, it works well for a range of character options.

    Woodland archer armour outfit

    Who For: Unisex

    Great For: Archers - Woodland Larpers - Middle Ages (Ren Faire)


    • Nature of the outfit lends itself well to a wide variety of height customers. 
    • Highly affordable for the quality


    • Won't be what you need if you fancy yourself as an entry level joust ready Knight.

    Price: £260 / $340 (Prices may change - recorded as of July 2024)

    Best Larp Armour For Barbarians

    Some of us fancy channelling our inner tribal warrior when it comes to Larping and as the author of this guide, I quite fancy that role myself. If you're thinking Dothraki, I think this Barbarian armour option will be perfect.

    Barbarian Warrior Outfit

    The Barbarian Warrior Armour Outfit, is a fur padding option, with leather style trim. Coming in as a 5 piece set, you've mauled all bases.

    Barbarian Armour Outfit

    Who For: Unisex - best suits heights between 5'8 - 6'4

    Great For: Barbarians - Game of Thrones style Dothraki.


    • Full set - head to toe
    • Versatile with multiple pieces
    • High quality 
    • Highly durable
    • Good price point for the size of set


    • Doesn't come with a battle axe or longsword

    Price: £445 / $580 (Prices may change - recorded as of July 2024) 

    Best Larp Armour For Mages

    Not known for their frontline battle engagements, the role of a Mage in cosplay may still want to carry a little armour or protection. 

    Ice Mage Larp Armour Outfit

    Consider a fleece lined armour outfit if you're rocking the Mage look, our favourite pick here comes in multiple colours and is well put together, it's also good value for the quality.

    Best armour outfit for a mage

    Who For: Unisex

    Great For: Mages or similar theme


    • Affordable
    • Multiple colourways


    • Doesn't include spells, potions or any magic (You'll need to bring those yourself)
    • Outfit doesn't include pants/trousers/tights

    Price: £389 / $510 (Prices may change - recorded as of July 2024)

    Best Larp Armour For Warrior Kings

    Let's be honest, who doesn't fancy themselves as the Black Prince, the King in the North or some form of Warrior King? 

    Winter King Armour Outfit

    With studded leather detailing, dark rich fur liners, our best larp armour outfit for a King looks the part, feels the part and you can stop dreaming about owning it today by clicking the image below and just adding it your cart!

    Best Winter King Outfit

    Who For: Medium to larger builds/height.

    Great For: Warrior Nobility/Royalty - Feudal Lords


    • Extensive set
    • Looks impressive
    • Unique


    • Not the cheapest option
    • Doesn't include chest plate armour

    Price: £785 / $1040 (Prices may change - recorded as of July 2024)

    Best Larp Armour For Cosplay (Overall)

    Right, we come to the winner, what is the best larp armour option out there?

    Battle Champion Armour Outfit

    When we are talking about the champion larp armour, we can't really look anywhere else but the Battle Champion armour kit. A 5 piece set up, that won't just keep you warm, it will help you ride those attacks from the enemy too. It might not be the cheapest but to us it's the best.

    Best Larp Armour Outfit Overall

    Visit the link >> 

    Who For:

    • Chest up to 52 inches
    • Waist max 50 inches
    • Can accommodate jacket length 44 inches

    Great For: Someone who wants to set themselves apart from all else - Battle Masters - Battle Champions


    • Large complete set
    • Secure padding
    • Attention to detail
    • Multiple 'pant' options


    • One size fits all approach may not suit edge cases
    • Priced at the higher end of the range

    Price: £815 / $1100 (Prices may change - recorded as of July 2024)

    Where To Buy These?

    Whether you want to upgrade your LARP wardrobe with one of our recommended armour outfits, or are looking for something a little smaller, visit our shopping hub for larp clothing and filter your way to your next cosplay addition. Thanks for reading.